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Tiertime UP300 3D Printer  

Versatility with Precision. The UP300 has a Large build volume and consistent performance across different materials.

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1 year free

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AU$3,050 exc GST

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Introducing the all new UP300 3D printer

Targeted for users demanding a large build volume and consistent performance across different materials.

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Material Specific Print Heads

Print with different print heads optimised for different materials, ensuring you get only the cleanest prints on your UP300 3D printer.


One is for ABS and other high temperature filaments, one for lower temperature filaments such as PLA, and the other is for TPU, a flexible polyurethane.

Adaptability is key in our ever-changing world, technology is constantly improved on to keep up with these fast-paced changes and what we expect from our 3D printers should be no different.

Dual Filtration Systems

For ultimate in safety, the new UP300 has two filtration systems to ensure the absolute purity of airflow around the printer.


A HEPA and activated carbon filter combined with higher airflow capacity allows the maintaining of minimal UFP and VOC density inside the printer’s large enclosure.

Tiertime Print Queue

The new Tiertime print queue allows for multiple users on the network can become the queue’s administrator, controlling and re-ordering the print queue. Select the next file from the print queue when with the printer, minimising downtime and letting you make faster than ever before!

Interchangeable Build Plates

New double-sided build plate design allows you to remove prints easier due to the increased rigidity of the plates.


The glass surface provides a consistent, flat base, ensuring a smooth underside of your models.
Waste Collection  Tray