Reducing Formula 1 Costs

3D Printing Reduces Formula 1 Costs

With the 2021 Formula 1 Season upon us we are seeing the new cost cap come into effect with all teams having to adhere to it, and every cent spent counts. Utilizing 3D Printing, teams are able to manufacture bespoke parts that are 90% cheaper, that’s not a misprint, 90% reduction in cost compared to parts machined with conventional methods.

3D Printing began as a technology for rapid prototyping and for a Formula 1 team to be successful they must innovate their cars faster than their competitors, which is demonstrated through faster lap times. This necessitates rapid iteration of new parts for the car, often within the few days in between races.

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All 10 teams in Formula 1 use 3D Printing for development and part manufacture. 3D Printing allows for rapid prototyping, high precision in all types of material, in complex shapes.

Renault have in fact been 3D Printing since 1998. Innovation is key in Formula 1, and 3D Printing allows teams to produce parts that cannot be made via traditional machining methods.

 Mercedes AMG in 2020 spent over 400 million dollars in one season, the new cost cap is 145 million dollars, meaning Mercedes need to save over 50% what they spent from the previous year. 3D Printing is a fantastic way to produce high quality parts, at a fraction of the cost of their machined counterparts.


UK Team McLaren Racing have used 3D Printing Trackside since 2017. They have produced a variety of prototypes and on-demand spare parts.

Team Sauber utilizes 4 Metal 3D Printing machines, 13 Polymetric printers and produces 22,000 parts a year.

In 2020 the Alfa Romeo used 143 3D Printed parts. In 2021 the team will be using over 300, more than doubling the usage in 1 year.

3D Printing has made fantastic cost and time savings in the Formula 1 category, which historically has filtered down into the mass manufactured vehicle market, things like traction control and ABS were developed in Formula 1 then adopted into passenger vehicles.

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