FDM Large Vase

FDM 3D Printed Large Vase

 At Cammpro we are always looking to produce 3D models of all shapes and sizes, ornamental or functional. We received a request to 3D Print a large object to demonstrate the Builder3D Extreme 1500 Pro’s large scale additive manufacturing capabilities. 

 Cammpro chose a 3D model of a geometric Vase as it would give a good indication through all axis on what can be achieved. We started with a 3D CAD model that was approximately 170mm tall.

 Once the model was chosen for the project, Cammpro then proceeded to rescale the model to the maximum Z axis of the Builder3D Extreme 1500 Pro using Simplify3D Software.

 Above is a visual representation of the size increase we are able to achieve due to the Builder3D Extreme 1500 Pro’s Large Build Volume.

(1100 x 500 x 820 mm)

 After the model had been rescaled it was decided to 3D Print the model in 2 colours. This is achievable as the Builder3D Extreme 1500 Pro has a Dual Feed Extruder which allows the 3D Printing of 2 different colours. We can choose whether we want the colour variation from side to side, top to bottom or both. We chose the option to do front to back with a small graduation at the top for a visual effect that looks like an optical illusion.

 Loading the Builder3D Extreme 1500 Pro with BASF Innofil3D PRO1 we started the 3D print.

Using settings of a 0.8mm Nozzle and Spiralize Mode with a speed of 6000 mm/m in Simplify3D the print completed in under 18 hours and is a functional watertight model weighing only 1.3kg

The finished 3d Printed Model has a high print quality and is visually stunning.



Cammpro are always looking for new 3D Printing projects large or small to use our expertise to make your ideas reality. 


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 Cammpro have created a time lapse video on Youtube to showcase the 3D Printed model, please see the video below:



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