Drone Attachment

The Brief

A Drone Pilot came to Cammpro to discuss if it was possible to 3D print a fixture to his drone DJI Inspire 1 so he could attach an Air sampling cylinder to his drone, this would then give him the capability to fly over polluted areas, safely take a sample, then safely test the air in a laboratory.


After a consultation with the Customer, we concluded that the best option would be to replicate the current camera fixture interface as part of the new attachment.


We removed the part and decided to 3D Scan it.

3D Scanning

The existing part was Scanned using our EinScan Pro 3D scanner with a dimensional accuracy of 0.05mm, this then gave us the interface feature accurately needed to recreate the drone fixture.

CAD Design

Part was then Designed using the latest CAD software to be aesthetically appealing and functional.

Now time to take the part for its maiden flight...