Ducati Indicator

The Brief

Once again Cammpro was approached by the owner of a very expensive machine to reverse engineer a new functional part. This time the machine was a state of the art 300kmh Ducati Motorcycle.


The Problem

A cracked indicator cover that could not be sourced!!!

The Solution

The solution: The existing part was Scanned using our EinScan Pro 3D scanner with a dimensional accuracy of 0.05mm.

3D Scan

So accurate even the part number came through!!!

CAD Modification

Part was then modified, and ribs added so the part wouldn’t fail as easily as the original

3D Printing

Time to 3D print on our Polyjet Connex 350 

Multi Material Printing

Finally, we printed out one of our own to demonstrate multi material printing, even company logos are no problem with Cammpro’s technology.