CammPro are your 3D printing experts, and are here for your every need. CammPro offer a consultation service for those projects that really need some dedicated brainpower. It could be a heavy machinery replacement part, or various test prototypes created for an innovative new product. The trickier the problem, the more reason you need to consult with the experts - our CammPro team.
CammPro 3D print consulting

CammPro provide you with expert advice throughout all stages of the digital 3D print prototyping process. This may begin with the initial concept design of the product, to the choice of materials for the final 3D print. CammPro can consult with you on the tweaking of the design until the perfect prototype is created. CammPro may also offer advice on the finishing of the                               3D printed product, including colouring your product. Through                                 CammPro's consultancy service, we give life to your ideas.