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Connex 3 Polyjet 3D Printer

Specifications for the Connex 3 Polyjet 3D Printer


Polyjet printing is a sophisticated inkjet based 3D printing technology. 

It is the incredible layer resolution of 16 microns (more than 10 times finer than a typical FDM system) that differentiates this technology from most of the available polymer printing methods. UV curable resins are inkjetted onto a build tray from an array of printheads transversing over the build environment. UV lamps mounted either side of the jet head assembly cure the layers as they are deposited and ensure the production of fully dense parts. Wall thicknesses as low as 0.6mm are readily achievable. 

Multi-material functionality provides another dimension of complexity that the designer can access to increase functional and aesthetic properties of components and assemblies. The availability of flexible materials enables the incorporation of seals and gaskets within a part, and in some cases can result in direct use air and water tight final components.

Inside the Polyjet 3D Printer

3D printed Pipe flange

3D printed Connex 3 Blender

3D printed Idler Frame Assembly3D printed Idler Frame Assembly