3D Scanning

We offer the latest 3D Scanning technology, best quality and highly accurate 3D models, all from our one stop Wollongong based shop! Providing services for the Wollongong, Illawarra, Sydney and Australia Wide.


3D Scanner

Reverse engineering works hand in hand with 3D printing. Our experienced team work with some of the latest systems to capture, manipulate and finally prepare scanned data for 3D printing or machining. 

We have options for handheld, fixed and rotary table scanning, this allows us to scan a variety of different objects with varied speed and accuracy. For example, this gives the flexibility to scan around a persons arm through handheld scanning, or mount a detailed part on a rotary stage to run an automated scanning sequence for higher resolution requirements.

All done under one roof in our Wollongong 3D Scanning Studio!


 Scan modehandheld hd scan handheld rapid scan automatic scan free scan
 accuracy0.1mm   0.3mm0.05mm 0.05mm
 Scan speed15 frames/s 10 frames/s Single Scan: <2s Single Scan: <2s
point distance 0.2mm - 2mm 0.5mm - 2mm 0.16mm 0.16mm
part size range 0.03m - 4m 0.15m - 4m 0.03m - 0.15m 0.03m- 4m

3D model from a 3D scan of a Car

Driving Test Dummy

3D Scanned Model of Driving Test Dummy